What is a Life?


What is a Life?

Die for life?

Or Live for life?

Beg for life?

Or Fight for life?

Cry for life?

Or Smile for life?

Adjust with life?

Or Adopt with life?

If it is a matter of Vision?

It Surprises me every time…

Some time, It’s Plenty…

But…It’s Empty…

Some time, It gives me all I Need…

But…It Doesn’t give me all I Begged…

Some time, It gives me Smile I Asked for…

But…It Doesn’t give me Smiles which I Cried for…

Some time, I Compromised when Possible …

But… it Never Compromised at all …

If this is Life…

Why is it like this???

Published in: on मार्च 31, 2009 at 10:02 अपराह्न  टिप्पणी करे  
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